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The Google Shopping experts

If you’re trying to compete with other Emirati and global businesses and you’re not
leveraging the impact of Google Shopping ads, you need to be. Not only is it a type of ad that puts your products’ design and features front and center, but it also generates 85.3% of AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns.

Those aren’t just empty clicks, either. Statistics show that users who click through from a Google Shopping Ad have a much higher intent to purchase. That means a higher chance of conversion and a much more valuable click for your bottom line when compared with standard Google Text Ads.

With a Google Shopping ads agency like Online Marketing Gurus, you can take full advantage of our digital experts’ experience for your Dubai business. We’ll help you optimise your Google Ads for every device, work with voice search sopping intent, and improve your traffic share.

OMG | Google Shopping Agency Dubai

Need a competitive eCommerce strategy tailor-made for your business goals?
Online Marketing Gurus is your one-stop paid media agency in the United Arab Emirates, covering Google Shopping ads management and so much more. We know that it’s not enough to have a search engine-optimised website with a great design. To make your business really soar, you need to unlock the potential of digital marketing like Google Shopping.


Data is the secret weapon that will make your Google Shopping campaign a powerful conversion tool. Of course, it takes time to set up these data sources; products need to be categorised and tagged with relevant keywords with a high degree of accuracy to appear in the right results and impact your bottom line. With our Google Shopping management services, you can outsource this task to ensure your data sources are rock solid.


There’s a thin line between highly engaging copy and oppressive spam. Get the balance wrong, and you’ll drive away your potential customers with messaging that fails to grab their attention or feels intrusive and spammy. Less experienced marketers can struggle to strike this balance, but with our Google Shopping experts, you’ll get well-honed experience and perfectly balanced ads, along with a strategy of continually testing and readjusting your ads to maximise ROI.

We work with great companies of all sizes


In much the same way as Google Ads, Google Shopping requires advertisers to bid on the platform for the top spot on different keyword results. The amount you’re prepared to spend on clicks determines how close to the top your products ascend. To keep CPC low, you need to strike a happy medium between relevant keywords and ones that will give you the best conversion rates without breaking the bank. It’s here that our Google Shopping management services can really help you out.


The success of any Google Shopping ads management service lies in its ability to identify your ideal customer and craft a personalised approach that speaks to them. Whether your target customer is in Dubai, the Middle East, or located globally, we use data to pinpoint what stage of the funnel a potential buyer is at, so we can help find what they’re looking for and ensure you’re there to meet their needs. We’ll help provide a frictionless experience for online shoppers that funnels them to your site and seals the deal.

Whether you’re looking to up your brand’s online presence, drive new customers to your website, or retarget the ones that got away, we know how to manage a full-funnel approach that ramps up your performance at every stage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

How do I know if I should invest in Google Shopping?

Can we make an assumption? You’re here because you want to increase traffic and sales online. If you answered yes, Google Shopping is a must-have for your business. It’s one of the most profitable advertising channels for eCommerce retailers and puts your product in front of millions of people.

How much should I invest in Google Shopping?

Just like there’s no one campaign that will work for every Dubai business, no one amount is the ‘right’ amount to invest in Google Shopping. We’ll sit down with you to understand exactly what you want to get out of your Google Shopping ads budget and craft the right strategy to ensure you get results while staying within your budget.

How do you develop my Google Shopping strategy?

We don’t believe in generic campaigns or one-size-fits-all approaches. When you partner with OMG, you’ll receive a bespoke strategy designed around your business goals and comprehensive knowledge of your target consumer. With a Google Shopping agency like us, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd.

What will my ROI on Google Shopping Ads be?

Your ROI will be dependent on many factors within your Google Shopping campaign, but on average, companies receive a return of $2 for every $1 spent. At Online Marketing Gurus, we know what an incredible ROI will look like for your business, and we optimize and continue to manage your campaign after launch to double or even triple your ROI.

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