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What is Arabic SEO?

Over the years, the Middle East has undergone a massive digital transformation. Now more than ever, Arabic-speaking users use their native language to search and discover products and services. This means businesses across the Middle East must consider investing in SEO in Arabic and English to capture as many eyeballs as possible.

Arabic SEO refers to optimising Arabic-language websites and content to improve their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant Arabic-language search queries.


Is SEO Arabic different from regular SEO? 

Yes and no. Like SEO for any language, Arabic SEO involves a range of tactics, such as keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical optimisation, link building and content creation. However, there are some specific considerations when optimising Arabic-language content for search engines.

For example, Arabic is written from right to left, which can impact the design and layout of a website, as well as the way that search engines read and index content. Additionally, Arabic has a complex grammatical structure, with multiple variations for words depending on the context, which can make keyword research and content creation more challenging.

There are also cultural and linguistic differences to consider when optimising Arabic-language content for search engines. For example, certain keywords or phrases may have different meanings or connotations in Arabic-speaking regions. Search behaviours may also differ across various Arabic-speaking countries.

To be effective, Arabic SEO requires a deep understanding of the language, culture and other factors that impact a user’s search journey. Working with an Arabic SEO agency gives you access to industry-leading tools and resources to catapult your businesses to the top of search results. 


Stay competitive in a rapidly growing market — why invest in Arabic SEO 

As a business owner, it’s natural for you to hunt for your next business opportunity. Whether you’re looking to establish a strong online presence, drive sales or foster an online community, effective Arabic SEO services can give your business the push it needs. 

Access to a large and growing market
Access to a large and growing market

Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with more than 300 million speakers. Investing in Arabic SEO can help businesses tap into this large and growing market, expanding their reach and potential customer base.

Increased visibility in search results
Increased visibility in search results

Optimising your website and content for Arabic-language search queries can improve your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and phrases. This can help drive more organic traffic to your website and boost conversions and sales.

Improved user experience
Improved user experience

Effective Arabic SEO involves optimising for search engines and site visitors. This can include optimising for mobile devices, improving page speed and ensuring that content is relevant and engaging for Arabic-speaking users. By providing a positive user experience, businesses can improve engagement and build trust with their audience.

Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO

A backlink is essentially a referral from another website to yours in the form of a hyperlink. This reference can be seen as an endorsement of your website’s content or services, and it signals to search engines that your website is valuable and relevant. Backlinks can directly impact your website’s domain authority, which is a critical ranking factor that Google takes into account. This is why our in-house team of link-building experts is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. They work tirelessly to secure high-quality backlinks to your website, boosting your online visibility and authority in the eyes of search engines.

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

While the Arabic-speaking market is large, it is also highly competitive. Investing in Arabic SEO can help businesses stand out from their competitors by ensuring that their website and content are optimised for the needs and preferences of Arabic-speaking users.

We work with great companies of all sizes


We work with great companies of all sizes and we've
helped big name brands grow even bigger

Navigate the Arab market and reach loyal customers with Online Marketing Gurus

Building an Arabic SEO campaign takes work. At Online Marketing Gurus, SEO is our bread and butter. It’s at the core of who we are and everything we do. Our talented team of Gurus thoroughly understands the Middle Eastern SEO market like locals and can help you develop an Arabic SEO strategy that ensures you reach your goals. 

Whether you own a small online jewellery business or run a well-established hotel, our Gurus know the keywords and platforms your customers use to discover businesses like yours. Our mission is to understand and utilise SEO best practices for several industries, giving our clients the extra assurance that their business is in the hands of experts. 

To give our clients the best digital marketing experience, we take a personal approach to our Arabic SEO services. As an OMG client, you’ll have a dedicated Arabic SEO consultant and account manager to walk you through the details of your campaign and address any concerns you may have. We’ll also keep you posted on any opportunities we believe are worth exploring, prioritising your success always. 


Ready to get started? Contact Online Marketing Gurus to learn more about our Arabic SEO services today. 

From Dubai to Istanbul, successful Arabic SEO starts with a strategic digital marketing campaign. Partner with the best Arabic SEO company by contacting Online Marketing Gurus today. 

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