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Increase YOY in organic traffic
Increase in overall rankings for top 2 pages
Keyword rankings and counting, up from 526
Page 1
Rankings for 'Swimwear’ and ‘Bikinis Online’

The Challenge

Key Problems

Hyper-competitive fashion industry makes a strong digital presence essential for standing out
Existing organic traffic insufficient to support their fast-growing business
Magento website required unique expertise to optimize on every page
Need to boost search engine visibility by achieving competitive keyword rankings
Baku Case Study

Baku is a hugely successful swimwear brand. This family owned company manufactures all of their beautiful swimwear, sourcing inspiration from all over the globe.

Ready to grow their business fiercely and bring stunning swimwear to more people worldwide, they needed a digital presence to support this mission. However, it’s easier said than done. A hyper-competitive fashion industry made it challenging to build search engine visibility. That’s how OMG came into the picture.

The team at Baku partnered with OMG to implement an SEO strategy take their business to the next level. We designed a custom SEO Strategy with Baku Swimwear’s Magento site to drive 100% more visibility online.

Our Approach

Taking the Baku brand to the next level began with building visibility where it mattered most: search engines. Click-happy customers were looking for their next find — and we put Baku on the map. OMG created a custom SEO strategy for pushing their website to the top of the rankings and drive maximum traffic.


Create content strategy and optimisation plan, tailored to a thriving Magento website


Review of technical SEO elements to drive maximum longtail SEO opportunities


Steering digital PR campaigns to amplify visibility and build quality backlinks


Strategy & Execution

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