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The Challenge

Key Problems

Rinse and Repeat ad copy method across multiple product lines
Lack of evergreen ad usage, relying too heavily on seasonal ads
Significant audience overlap in targeting meaning ads aren’t delivering as efficiently as they could
Lack of A/B testing on particular ad formats which kept campaign performance stagnant

Cachia is a sleep and loungewear company, defined as fun, fresh, affordable, and comfy. Founded in 2017 by media personality Sophie Cachia and entrepreneur Leah Betts, they launched into a Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign with Online Marketing Gurus in October 2021 with the goal to boost Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) during competitive sales seasons.

Cachia needed an authoritative digital presence to support their well-respected brand. OMG delivered! Our Gurus orchestrated a plan that involved a custom paid social strategy, in combination with refined pixel and GA tracking and shop integrations with Facebook. Furthermore, we set up accurate pixel tracking along with Google Analytics to effectively track customer behaviour and improve campaign performance.

We created new versions of their campaigns with updated URLs and even product tagging for Instagram. We also ramped up testing such as two copy options per product at the very least and launched new audience tests based on newly created audiences. All this combined with a more accurate pixel tracking as well as UTM tracking helped Cachia see enormous growth in 2021.

Strategy & Execution

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