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ROAS on Social Ads
increase in social revenue
reduction in cost per website purchase
increase in TOF purchases

The Challenge

Key Problems

Poor site migration
Goal tracking inaccurately measures conversion and goal targets
Suboptimal configuration of website for technical SEO
Minimal content on key category pages

In a mission to provide clean drinking water to the world, My Water Filter, sells water filters and water filter cartridges to purify all water sources. that are compromised with either bore water or recycled water

As our population grows there’s more and more of a demand for safe and clean water systems. More than 750 million people every year lack access to clean drinking water with around 3.4 million people passing away each year from water-related diseases. By offering the widest range of water filters available, My Water Filter’s vision is to provide a sustainable water supply to overturn the global water crisis.

Despite having high levels of traffic and more keywords ranking on the first page compared to their competitors, My Water Filter was lacking monthly conversions and as a result, revenue was being affected due to a poor site migration.  

Wanting to get the conversions their visibility deserves, My Water Filter reached out to Online Marketing Gurus in December 2020, looking at an SEO and Social, integrated marketing campaign to achieve their marketing goals.

Our Approach

Due to a large customer base and additional marketing channels, we found that their MOF campaigns were driving the majority of their purchases. Therefore the biggest ‘problem’ and goal was to attract TOF purchases. As such, our Gurus looked at traffic and conversion campaigns on Facebook, along with fixing the technical issues onsite to recover organic traffic to pre-migration levels. 


Implementing product-focused, traffic or conversion campaigns


Targeted audience targeting and optimisation based on specific user engagement/website behaviour


Refined audience targeting by pausing underperforming ad sets


Strategy & Execution

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