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Decrease in cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion
Growth in organic traffic
increase in keywords ranking over 2 years

The Challenge

Key Problems

Need to translate authoritative, trusted offline reputation into a thriving digital presence.
Launching in new regions, so need to make a splash where brand awareness isn't as high.
Want digital to deliver more of their dream customers.
Narellan Pools Case Study

Narellan Pools is an iconic company, famous for their manufacturing, construction and installation of pools.

Their expansive ranges features everything, from plunge pools to spas. In particular, their fibreglass pools offer an innovative option for any Australian family.

Established in 1972, the company began as a family-owned operation. Since then, they’ve just kept growing. They now service 70+ regions and are even expanding to Europe, North America, and Asia.

Over 45 years and counting, Narellan Pools has established an authoritative and well-known name among Aussie householders. However, their offline reputation wasn’t translating fully to their online presence.

That’s why Narellan Pools partnered with OMG. Our Gurus customised an SEO and PPC strategy to help them make a splash online. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Narellan Pools from October 2017 to mid 2018.

Our Approach

Diving into digital the right way involves a multichannel approach. After all, your dream customers are wading their way through the internet, across Facebook, Google, and many more channels. That’s why OMG engineered an SEO and PPC strategy for Narellan Pools that we knew would work.


Custom PPC campaigns, painstakingly tailored to capture ready-to-buy customers


Comprehensive onpage and technical SEO to catapult their website to the top of relevant rankings


Detailed gap analysis and competitor research to map online opportunity for quick wins


Strategy & Execution

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