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The Challenge

Key Problems

Key issues with linking and form submissions affecting website performance
The body sculpting industry is a very competitive vertical
Current website navigation was not optimal for conversions
Local GMB pack not optimized for each clinic with NAP consistency and UTM tracking

Aiming to help men and women achieve their body goals, this non-surgical clinic offers a wide range of proven body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments suited to every customer. With the most advanced medical-grade treatment, these experts are able to help customers achieve the body shape of their dreams.

Reaching out to Online Marketing Gurus in February 2022, this client wanted to regain organic traffic, non-branded visibility, online booking conversions and keyword rankings in the B2C body-sculpting industry. 

The nature of this industry requires a highly targeted content strategy looking at all three stages of the user journey (TOF, MOF & BOF). A mix of all three stages is integral to transition from the awareness stage to the decision stage. At onboarding, we found that this client’s blog creation had halted for over a year, with only a couple of blogs being produced over the past couple of years.

As such, we created a blog content calendar, including TOF blogs to target relevant keywords within them. Further to this, we targeted hyper-relevant keywords within FAQ-related content. This content was implemented at the bottom of their homepage within accordion menus. 

Additionally, we identified several technical issues within the site. Namely, a large amount of 404 pages from a prior migration from an old URL structure, unoptimised and cannibalising metadata and goal tracking issues within analytics.

Strategy & Execution

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