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The Challenge

Key Problems

Lookalike audiences were not being fully utilised
TOFU copy was very generic and was not segmented based on audiences
No current A/B testing strategy to pinpoint high-performing copy and imagery

Located in Brisbane, this Australian activewear and supplement brand has become a well-recognised and respected brand coming within the health and fitness industry. Devoted to offering quality products and services to their very loyal community, this home-grown Australian brand has reached new heights, aiming to expand bigger and better in the coming years.

Reaching out to OMG in May 2021, our Gurus uncovered that targeting was the resounding issue for this business. We found they had many overlapping audiences resulting in poor ad set delivery due to ad sets entering into the same auctions. Additionally, there was a lack of creative testing for single images, video and dynamic images such as carousels and lastly, they had no TOFU strategy for their social ads. 

As a result, we scaled the account to include TOFU, MOFU and BOFU campaigns, separated our audiences to resolve the overlapping audiences issue and guided the implementation of new creatives to use and ultimately test through our social campaigns.

Strategy & Execution

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