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Increase in Organic Revenue YoY
Increase in Top 3 Keyword Rankings YoY
Increase in Organic Transactions YoY

The Challenge

Key Problems

Keyword rankings took a hit due to a poor site migration
Technical adjustments were required for performance and user experience benefits
Lack of schema to improve SERP presence

Beginning in 2010, Drew and his brother-in-law Troy wondered if they could make a natural drink taste just as delicious as homemade iced tea, but without a mountain of sugar and artificial ingredients. Fast forward six years, they had their globally protected natural sweetener blend perfected, becoming Australia’s favourite Naturally Sugar Free Brand in 2021.

Wanting to increase organic traffic and revenue, Nexba partnered with Online Marketing Gurus in February 2021 to deliver an SEO strategy. This strategy focused on optimising Nexba’s keyword strategy, and quality of content, along with fixing technical issues that were present as a result of a website migration.

Our Gurus engineered an integrated marketing strategy to maintain and build up competitive SERP results through monthly link building and continual Google health checks. The goal was to improve page rankings and organic traffic, and optimise keyword strategy to increase the amount of qualified leads and organic ROI.

Upon onboarding, together with Nexba, we identified three initial priorities: to maintain top rankings during website migration, to drive traffic to the site through valuable content, and to optimise content on key category pages with keyword-rich copy.

Focusing on these priorities Online Marketing Gurus enabled the sugar-free beverage company to gather more organic traffic through more qualified leads, thereby achieving their long term goal of increasing their organic ROI.

Strategy & Execution

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