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increase in overall organic transactions
increase in non-branded organic traffic
increase in branded impressions
increase in eCommerce conversion rate

The Challenge

Key Problems

Large amount of 404 pages present on the site which are not being redirected
Metadata and headings are not integrating relevant keywords within the page titles
Very low word count and limited use of informative content across core category pages

Sportsfuel NZ began operating in 2006, quickly becoming New Zealand’s 1st Choice Supplement Store. Providing high-quality, top-brand supplements at low prices, Sportsfuel aim to improve the health and energy levels of every customer regardless of their lifestyle, delivered directly to their doorstep

Our content marketing strategy looked at hyper-targeting the protein keyword due to the competitive nature of the health and fitness industry. Focusing on creating high-quality, keyword-rich content, our Gurus looked at optimizing key service, category and blog pages to increase organic visibility by honing in on increasing impressions and clicks. 

OMG’s initial audit (valued at $4,000), identified areas to capitalise on to create a path for success. Starting with a Technical SEO overhaul to fix site issues, errors and broken links to improve user experience, our Gurus identified content pieces and internal linking opportunities to solidify the quality of the Sportsfuel site. In doing so, the goal is to boost visibility in New Zealand and drive traffic to the site and therefore conversions as we look to gain increased authority within the health, wellness and fitness space.

Strategy & Execution

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