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The Challenge

Key Problems

Lack of informative content on the health benefits of diabetic socks
Low keyword counts on key website pages
Existing content wasn’t matching with user-search behaviour
Various technical faults affecting website performance

Viasox is a sock manufacturing company, based in North America dedicated to developing sock wear to improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes. With a wide range of color and sizing options, their unique solution offers comfortable, breathable pairs of socks to match anyone’s style with the main benefits being the removal of toe irritation, and the promotion of healthy blood flow. 

In June 2021, Viasox reached out to Online Marketing Gurus, wanting to implement a complete SEO marketing strategy that involved a content refresh, link-building and a keyword overhaul. Upon onboarding, we found very low word counts and limited use of informative content when comparing collections across their core category pages. We got to work and curated FAQ-related content in order to add informative content across live category pages. On top of this, introduced new category pages based on user-search behaviour, and similarly curated content to support this.

Our research also found that users were searching for color-specific socks, and as a result, we planned on optimizing their product descriptions for popular sock colors, such as black, white and grey. Additionally, we found that users had a lot of questions about neuropathy and diabetes, and from this, introduced a large amount of TOF-related blogs and supporting content to internally link back to key categories and sock colors. 

Encompassing a wide range of strategies was crucial in this SEO strategy. Viasox already had a unique selling proposition in their diabetic socks but lacked the content and keyword targeting to be visible on the search engine results pages (SERPs). With this in mind, the SEO Gurus stepped in to help re-educate the target demographic on the health benefits of diabetic socks.

Strategy & Execution

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